Category: Academics

Our Elementary program consists of Kindergarten 2 through Grade 5 and teaches an American International curriculum.

ISG Jubail now offers an American curriculum as outlined by ISG District standards for all grade levels as of Fall 2012. ISG District American Division schools (including ISG Jubail) follow a typical American curriculum, inclusive of courses in English/language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics.

Additionally, specialist classes are an essential part of our curriculum. These include art, music, information technology, library, and physical education. In alignment with the Ministry of Education, all elementary students also participate in Arabic Language classes.

The philosophy, program and learner outcomes developed in curricular areas are similar to those found in schools in the United States.

Our elementary students engage in a diverse range of activities and learning experiences through out the year including the Science Festival in the fall, twice-annual music concerts and multi-class projects (i.e. Reading Buddies between grade 4 and kindergarten classes).

Extracurricular activities for elementary students are offered through our After School Activities program as well as through Parent Programs (PTO) sponsored activities such as the weekend Basketball, Soccer/Football, and Baseball leagues.

Working with Parents

ISG Jubail believes that working with parents is not an option,  it is essential.  Children whose parents are interested in their work do better than children whose parents are uninterested.

We encourage our parents and teachers to work together toward educational growth for each individual child. Twice-annual Parent-Teacher Conferences and ongoing informal communication between home and the classroom is vital to success at ISG Jubail.

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