Category: Admissions

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for your interest in a school at the International Schools Group. Our community is diverse and dynamic, welcoming families every year from all over the world. We understand the challenges and opportunities involved in making an international move to Saudi Arabia.

For families coming from American, British or international schools, the classrooms here will feel familiar and friendly, and you'll have the chance to see just how effectively new students settle in and become comfortable in and around the school. You'll also understand how and why we work so hard to offer a comprehensive and positive school experience—academics, extracurricular, social—to each student.

We look forward to answering your questions, helping you with your transition, talking you through the admissions process and enabling you to become better acquainted with the school and its exciting and challenging program. In addition, our doors are always open for you to visit.


Dr. Paul Richards, Superintendent

Last Updated on Sunday, 13 November 2016 11:21