As part of our Accreditation for Growth initiatives, ISG Jubail has identified four areas in which we strive to influence our students: Thinking, Understanding, Communicating and Striving for Excellence. We have designed the "Graduate Profile" as a benchmark against which we gauge how well we are serving our students' needs.

This "Graduate Profile" describes our goals for each graduate of ISG Jubail - the characteristics that we value and strive to produce and encourage in each student so that when they walk out of our doors, they walk out as a living embodiment of our mission statement: "The ISG Jubail student is inspired to strive for academic excellence, a balanced life and service to others."

Graduate Profile

Below are descriptions of evidence of each part of the graduate profile. For example, a student who demonstrates proficiency in "Understanding", "Applies learning" to his or her every day life, like determining a restaurant tip by calculating percentages.


Analytical Problem Solving
Challenging Presuppositions
Inquiring & Creating


Applies Learning


Effective & Expressive

Striving for Personal Excellence

Meaningful Service
Wellness & Health
Ethics & Principles


Belief Statements

In addition to these four areas, we believe:

...our resources provide opportunities for all students to achieve their highest potential. mindedness is an important characteristic to develop in our students. lifelong learning. the education of the whole child: academically, socially, creatively and physically. is a critical learning tool. 

...our educational goals are clearly defined and our outcomes are measurable and attainable.

...a safe and supportive learning environment is critical to student achievement. 

...educational success requires a partnership between students, parents and educators. 

...literacy and numeracy are fundamental building blocks for learning. 

...learning occurs best in context and when connected to previous experiences.


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