Music is an integral component of every student’s education. International Schools Group believes that music education stands on its own as an essential discipline.  Wherever possible the music classes make connections to other curricular areas. 

Our K-12 music students: 

  • Sing and play instruments
  • Create and improvise
  • Read and notate music
  • Listen to, analyze, describe and evaluate music
  • Understand historical and cultural connections

Elementary Music Program

Instructor: Lisa Black

KG2 - Grade 5 General Music courses are exploratory in nature. Hands-on activities encourage participation and promote student engagement.  Students sing, play instruments, move, listen and create.  All General Music classes also have the opportunity to perform in two concerts per school year.


Instrumental Music Program

Instructor: Leif Larson

Middle School Concert Band

This course is open to all Grade 6-8 brass, percussion and woodwind players who wish to focus on improving their ensemble playing in a concert band setting. This is a performance based course that focuses on improving technique, sound, and reading music. Students will perform in large and small ensembles out in the community and in school concerts. These performances are graded and are requirements of the course. (Grades 6, 7-8; Full Year Course)

Middle and High School Jazz Band

This advanced course will provide auditioned students the opportunity to perform the various styles of jazz. Emphasis will be placed upon performance and will culminate in an evening of jazz concert. All performances are graded and are requirements of the course. (Grades 8-10 Full Year Course)

Please review our Middle and High School Band Handbook.


Vocal Music Program

Instructor: Christopher Proulx

Middle and High School Chorus

These courses, open to anyone in grades 7 through 12, focus on improving listening and vocal skills, through preparation of pieces from a variety of genres. Breathing, posture, phrasing, pitch-matching, blending, and harmony are especially emphasized, as well as key concepts of music theory.

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