All ISG Jubail middle and high school students participate in outside-the-classroom study trips. These trips include our Week Without Walls (WOW) programs and Habitat For Humanity International (HFHI) service trips.

Habitat For Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) is a world-wide, nonprofit organization which is dedicated to eliminating poverty housing and homelessness worldwide. HFHI invites people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build together in partnership with families in need. Habitat’s building program seeks and mobilizes volunteers for a life-transforming experience, both for the volunteers and for the families whose homes they help build.  Each school year, ISG Jubail grade 9 through 11 students participate in a HFHI Building project in countries, such as Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines.  This is a life-changing experience for all involved but it is also a chance to have a hands-on experience with a different culture and way of living.

It is our intention that all grade nine and ten students participate in this “Global Community Service Learning Project” as part of the high school curriculum. Student involvement in community service is becoming an integral part of school curricula worldwide.  As university admissions are becoming more competitive, universities are evaluating non-academic performance, with regard to community involvement and volunteer experience, as part of their entrance requirement.  As well, fundraising activities and volunteer hours will be well-documented which will enable students to complete community service hour requirements, if needed, in your home country.

Week Without Walls (WWW)

Week Without Walls (WWW) is a study trip and alternative learning experience. It is a chance for our students to engage in an active learning experience. The benefits the students gain from a travel-based learning is substantial.

Students have an opportunity to travel to a foreign country and experience learning in a different culture while engaging in some of the local activities and traditions. 

The school also has local options that are based on alternative learning experiences on campus and around Jubail. Students must attend one or the other.

Study trips must meet very strict educational guidelines set by the ISG District. Learning and service are critical components of such trips. Student study trips are carefully chaperoned by at least two staff members.

Recent study trips have included the following locations:

  • France
  • Sri Lanka (HFHI)
  • India (HFHI)
  • Switzerland
  • Japan
  • UAE
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Shanghai

2016-2017 WWW

SY 2016-2017 WWW has been scheduled for November 13-17, 2016. Students and teachers have chosen several destinations for international WWW trips, including Ireland, Portugal, Japan, Nepal and Philippines.

For students who are unable to participate in an international trip, local WWW options are available. The local options will take place during regular school hours. Regular classes will not take place during WWW week.

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