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What is AP?

AP stands for Advanced Placement. College Board is the name of the association that organizes the AP program. Many universities offer college credit for AP courses if you score a certain mark on the end-of-year standardized test. These courses are quite academically rigorous. A student does need to take these classes to graduate from ISG Jubail.

At ISG Jubail we believe offering a variety of AP courses is important to provide an internationally recognized and academically rigorous component of our curriculum. Our non-AP courses are also academically rigorous, but are moderated internally and therefore offer more curricular flexibility; a component we also believe is important for a student’s education.

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Please download our 2016-2017 High School Course Handbook (PDF)
for HS course offerings and descriptions.

Last Updated on 28 August 2016
Category: High School

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Last Updated on 17 August 2015
Category: High School
Subject Minimum Credits Required
English 4
Math 3
Science 3
Social Studies 4
Global Language 2
P.E. & Health 2
Fine & Performing Arts 2
Electives * 5.5
IT 0.5
Total Credits 26

* One of these credits is determined by the Saudi Ministry of Education: 0.5 credit for Saudi Kingdom History & Geography and 0.5 credit for Islamic Culture. Elective credits awarded for additional credits taken beyond a department's minimum and any independent courses - for example, Internship.

Last Updated on 16 August 2015
Category: High School


  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature and Composition
  • AP World History
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics I
  • AP Physics II
  • AP Art
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Macroeconomics
Last Updated on 13 November 2016

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