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Welcome to ISG Jubail's Nurse's Office (#481 located in the MPR). Please meet our school nurses: Gina Jayme-Ladsak and Ginevive Louw.

Please see below some regulations regarding sending students home / communicable diseases and criteria for school exclusion.

A student will be sent home for:

  • a fever of 37.8C (100F ) or above
  • vomiting for an unknown reason more than one time and with no other symptoms
  • persistent diarrhea (more than 2 episodes during school hours)
  • injury or illness of a serious nature and the nurse determines doctor’s attention is required

Students should be kept home for 24 hrs after fever or above symptoms have subsided. The nurses reserve the right to ask a parent to keep a child home using their professional discretion regarding a student’s wellness.

Parents are notified by phone and must provide transportation for their child. Students must remain in the nurse's’ office until a responsible adult collects them – this should be a parent, but if this is not possible an arrangement must be made with the nurse and parent allocating another adult to act in their position. At no time is a student allowed to wait for transport unattended by the school reception.

When the nurse decides that a student must go home she must inform the respective school so that teachers and siblings are aware/informed of a student’s departure (email all Teachers, etc.).

Please note, with regards to headlice, no child will be sent home because of a head lice infection unless it is causing severe discomfort/distress to the child in question. Exclusion should not be used to manage a head lice infestation. School nurses provide as needed information to students/parents/teachers about how lice are spread, emphasizing that live lice require body heat to survive. Prompt treatment and avoidance of sharing hats, brushes, hair ornaments, bedding, etc. minimizes spread. Head lice are ever - present in school communities, particularly one as large as ISG Jubail. Although teachers are encouraged to inform parents in their classroom if a case of lice is reported, prudent parent observation followed by treatment, is the most effective way to prevent the spread of head lice.

The ISG nurses follow guidance from website regarding communicable diseases and criteria for school exclusion. Guidance for exclusion for conditions such as varicella (chickenpox), measles, mumps, etc. are clear and intended to safeguard not just the individual student but the school community. Students who are hospitalized due to illness or injury, or those who have been diagnosed with a communicable illness, must present a note from the physician indicating they may return to school. See the following table from the HPA for specific guidance:

Rashes and Skin Infections

Diarrhoea and Vomiting Illness

Other infections

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