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ISG Jubail School is proud to continue a tradition of educational excellence in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province. As part of the ISG District, ISG Jubail offers an American curriculum for pre-kindergarten through grade 12. This page is designed to give you a quick look at our school's demographics as the first stop in getting to know our educational family.

ISG Jubail's Mission

ISG Jubail’s mission is to provide a dynamic educational experience which celebrates our multicultural community of diverse learners. The ISG Jubail student is inspired to strive for academic excellence, a balanced life and service to others. Our values of responsibility, consideration and mutual respect prepare our students for their roles as global citizens.


Jubail Industrial City, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Academic Divisions

By the Numbers…

  • Total Enrollment as of November 2016: 824
      • Early Years: 100
      • Elementary: 403
      • MS/HS: 321
  • 40 Nationalities:
      • American - 20%
      • Malaysian - 15%
      • Indian - 10%
      • Canadian - 9.5%
      • British - 7.5%
      • South African - 6%
      • Pakistani - 5%
      • Korean - 4%
      • Singaporean, Filipino, Thai, Indonesian - 5%
      • Central and South America - 3.5%
      • All Others - 14.5%
  • Average class size: 24
  • Number of faculty: 80
  • Total staff: 134

Grading System

It is the belief that grades earned by students at ISG Jubail should…

  • reflect learning by the student
  • not be used as a disciplinary measure
  • be a tool for communication to parents, other teachers and schools
  • not be based solely on participation or attendance, although these issues can influence learning
  • grades earned represent standards of learning and hard work

The Early Years program provides narrative assessments to describe achievement. Elementary achievement is measured against curriculum standards along a continuum of development. Middle and High School grading follows a standard American grading system utilizing lettered grades to indicate achievement (A, B, C, D and F).

Read more about our grading system in the Student Handbook, available on our Policies & Forms page.
Read more about Grade Reports.

Standardized Tests

To hold ourselves accountable to high educational standards, ISG Jubail School measures student learning on a consistent basis. In addition to curriculum based assessments such as end of unit tests, project based learning, and weekly tests, student learning is measured through the MAP – Measures of Academic Progress – testing for students in grades 1-10. All students in these grades take formative assessments in math, reading, and language usage.

Read more about our Student Assessment & Testing.

Memberships and Accreditation

  • Middle States Association – Accreditation for Growth
  • NESA


P.O. BOX 10059
Jubail Industrial City 31961
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: (966-13) 341-7550
Fax: (966-13) 341-6990
Web Site:


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