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Here are the links to 2016-2017 Elementary Student Parent Handbook and 2016-2017 MS/HS Student Parent Handbook.

Below are excerpts from a few important school policies:

  • Dress Code (ISG Policy #2030 - included in the Student Handbook)

    In accordance with the District Policy the following dress code has been established for students at ISG Jubail School.

    Clothing worn during school hours should be clean, modest, in good taste and sensitive to the expectations of the host country.

    The below expectations are for all members of the community as well as the students. Parents and faculty will note that these standards must also be adhered to when on campus.

    The ISG Jubail Dress Code is the following:

    • Clothing worn to school must be clean, well maintained (without tears/holes), hemmed (not dragging on the floor) and loose fitting. Pants are to be no lower than hipbone level.
    • Clothing with offensive and/or distracting pictures/words is not acceptable. Clothing that displays any pictures, symbols or language that represents violence, illicit drugs, or anything that would not be acceptable in the host country is not acceptable.
    • Students are encouraged to bring caps and hats to wear during hot weather while they are outside, but may not be worn inside the school building.
    • Shoes that pose a safety concern are not acceptable.
    • Distracting jewelry, hairstyles, hair colors, or tints are not appropriate in the school. The general appearance of students should be conservative.
    • Sleeves on shirts, blouses, and dresses must cover shoulders and upper arms. Blouses and shirts must have a modest neckline and not be made of see-through fabric. Blouses and shirts must not allow any skin to be shown in the midriff at any time during any activity.
    • Students are asked to wear a light-colored cotton t-shirt, comfortable pants or shorts, and athletic shoes during PE class.
    • Leggings and tights are not to be worn as the primary clothing. They may only be worn as undergarments. Leggings and tights may be worn during PE with shorts.
    • Students in all classes may wear shorts. Skirts, dresses, and shorts must reach to the top of the knees for all students in all grade levels.
    • Shorts may not be worn for school sponsored activities off the school campus except as approved by the supervising adult and for athletic or SAIKAC competitions.

    We recognize that children will need to dress differently when they have PE. We encourage students to bring a change of clothes as needed for physical activity during school.

  • Attendance policy

    • Regular attendance is important to your child’s progress. Please keep early dismissals, tardiness and absences to a minimum. Call the school office (03-341-7550 x 410) early to report your child’s absence. We will notify your child’s teacher. Students must be in attendance until 1:30 pm to receive credit for a full day. Students must be in attendance until 11:20 am in order to receive ½ day credit. Our school Nurse and Registrar will follow up on extended absences.

      Our parent-school partnership is essential for your child’s success in school. Family holidays and non-medical absences should be kept to a minimum to ensure continuity of student learning. For unavoidable planned absences such as vacations, advance notification in writing is appreciated. It is the student’s responsibility to make up all work missed due to absence.Teachers are not expected to make special arrangements or give advance assignments for any student who is absent due to truancy or family vacation.

      Teachers will not be required to use Moodle outside of regular classroom use in order to fit the needs of students who are absent due to vacation. If extenuating circumstances exist that do not allow the student to be in attendance, the use of Moodle to fit a student’s needs will be at the teacher’s discretion. Moodle will be used as an instructional tool when the school is closed for unplanned periods of time in which case Virtual School will commence.

    • Attendance: Elementary and Middle School
      Students must be in attendance for 85% of the reporting period in order to receive a report card. Students in attendance less than 85% of the reporting period will be given an “I” for Incomplete. Students need to be in attendance for any final exams. Students will not be given final exams outside of the pre-set exam dates and times.

      Please note that attendance is recorded on report cards as a part of the formal record of every student and will thus affect the formal report process. If a student is enrolled after the start of the school year, the student will receive a grade to date.New students in elementary classes who are in attendance for less than one calendar month will receive a narrative statement of their academic standing written by the homeroom teacher in lieu of individual grade marks.

    • Attendance: High School
      Student attendance is an essential part of student learning. Attendance is of paramount importance to develop outlined understandings and to demonstrate these understandings. Students in grades 9-12 earn high school credits for each class they take so their attendance is critical. Students who are absent or tardy more than 8 times per class per semester will not earn credit for that class.

      Absences for school-approved activities such as study trips, athletic trips, or other official school-sponsored events will not be considered in the accumulation of absences.

      Students new to the high school during the academic year, grades 9-12, with less than 35 days of attendance in the semester will receive a “progress to date” report and credit for the course will be determined by a student's ability to demonstrate understanding of the outlined learner outcomes. Any student attending for 10 days or less in a reporting period will receive an acknowledgement of attendance only as assessment of learning will not be possible.

      Please note that report cards will not be issued prior to the end of school for students who are leaving early. Parents may collect end-of-year reports from the Registrar at any time following their general release (usually the second to last day of the school year), at a time convenient to both, but preferably prior to the start of the new school year. Parents will be able to access report cards and print them on Skyward when they are posted.

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