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Semester Internships

Semester internships are only for 11th and 12th grade students who are on track or ahead in high school credits. Internships take place during one block of the normal school week as part of a student’s academic schedule. Every internship is for one semester and has an application and interview process before acceptance. There is also a weekly accountability log or reflection journal and closure activity at the end of each semester.

Office Internships

Office interns help with photocopying, making bulletin boards and preparing documents, among other small tasks. They also act as messengers between the office and students or teachers in the classrooms. They work with the front office, the registrar, the counseling team and may even have the chance to work with administration or administrative assistants. There can be up to eight office interns.

Creche and Pre-K Internships

Early childhood interns will observe and participate in day care and pre-kindergarten activities. Internships will include crafts, cooking, music & movement, storytime and play-based learning activities. Interns will assist with small groups of children, as well as prepping art activities, designing and creating student displays (bulletin boards, etc.) and assisting with supervision of students during free playtime. There can be up to six interns.

Elementary School Internships

School interns help with day-to-day teaching assistance. Students will observe and participate in classroom lessons and activities. A wide variety of experiences will be offered. Students should be prepared to get their hands dirty as they will assist with hands-on-learning experiences. This is a real opportunity to see if each intern would like to be an elementary school teacher.

Library Internship

The library interns will assist the Library Team in the everyday function of the library. This includes getting familiar with the layout of the library and location of the different types of books and resources, understanding how to use Destiny, the library database (as a librarian), checking in and re-shelving returned books, checking out new books to students, checking out and checking in computer devices, assisting students with locating books, assisting the librarians with reading to the younger classes and assisting the librarians with straightening the library shelves. The can be up to eight interns.

Nurse’s Office Internship

The nurse’s interns will assist the school nurse in minor day-to-day procedures. This may include the following: taking temperatures, aseptically cleaning a wound, applying a bandaid, waiting with sick students until their parents pick them up, accompanying students back to class, among other things. In addition, students will discover the daily routine of a school nurse, including paperwork and filing and written correspondence and communication with teachers and other staff members. There can be up to two interns in two different blocks.

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